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New Tlin!

So I have finished a short story, titled Two in Hand, which is a little bit of a follow-on to Twice as High. It is two years after the events of TaH and follows Maddy, Kyle, and Julian on a little adventure. The adventure gives you a little more of a glimpse into the Tlin […]

Best. Commercial. Ever.

Sometimes, a commercial is just so good you go out of your way to watch it. This is one of those commercials. It’s for Bell’s Whisky, and while I’m not a whisky drinker, I’m going out this week and finding some and buying it and drinking a toast to this commercial – it’s that good. […]


Wow! More thank yous

Thank you so much to all the readers who nominated Menage on 34th Street at Mary’s Menage Reviews for the Menage Romance Fan Awards. Mo34 is nominated for Contemporary Menage and for Holiday Menage, and the review that the lovely Kristin at These Pretty Words did is also nominated.  Click on the badge if you […]

Thank you!

Thank you all for participating in the Winter Wonder Man Blog Hop with me. Since there was such a great response, I decided to go ahead and choose three winners. The main winner will get the limited edition signed paperback of Season of Seduction, as well as their choice of a single digital title from […]

Winter Wonder Man

What makes a hero a HERO? That’s really the question at the heart of the Winter Wonder Man Blog Hop, and while there isn’t one answer for everyone, I can tell you what works for me. I love a hero who is confident and strong, and while he doesn’t have to prove himself to anyone, […]

Project for Awesome

This is not a usual blog entry. Today, right now, this blog entry is for the brilliant conception and execution of Project for Awesome.  The Project for Awesome was conceived as a way for people to get information out about THEIR favorite causes, and do allow people to prioritize, vote, and choose from among those […]

Ant Music

You can blame Red Pen of Doom for this. I was catching up over there, and got caught up in his post on the use of subtext in John Waite’s “Missing You.” It’s a great post about the use of subtlety to get your point across. In any case, there it was. A glorious, beautiful […]

Remodeling the Bar

The bar in the family room of our house was … how do I put this nicely? Ugly. The cabinets and bar base were surfaced in this faux-plaster and painted SHINY baby-poop brown. The counters: burnt orange laminate. The cabinet doors? super-dark finished wood. 

Free for the holidays

Want a freebie? Keep reading! You might have noticed it’s the holiday season. It got an early start this year with Hanukkah/Chanukah/Chanukkah coinciding with Thanksgiving. The First Night was the night before T-day, giving rise to the “Thanksgivikkuh” title. This is the first time in nearly 200 years the holidays have coincided, and this precise […]

Menage on 34th Street Release Week!

Woohoo! Menage on 34th Street and the the Season of Seduction anthology released on November 21!  You can buythe anthology at Amazon , Barnes and Noble , or Google . You can also preorder just Menage on 34th Street ( A | BN | G ). You can also get both at Carina’s site (Season of Seduction, Menage on 34th Street)