Inspiration is one of those nebulous concepts that everyone accepts as extant, but no one seems to be able to pin down.

Inspiration is that vague and impossible to analyze thing which kicks off the creative process and allows the writer to do what writers do best – spin a yarn, tell a tale, transport readers to another reality.  That reality may be close to the reality the reader knows, or it could be far distant from anything familiar.  Regardless, it is the purpose of the story to convey that alternate reality and make the reader part of it.

So, that is my goal – to create worlds and characters that readers just…sink into.  Even if it’s just for the space of time it takes to read the story, I want to transport readers from their everyday into something just a little different.

What’s different?  It can be a contemporary that has a situation or characters that may touch on the ordinary, but are somehow extraordinary.  It can be shapeshifters or vampires or aliens or historicals.  Anything can be different.  If I do my part correctly.

So, pull up a story.  Relax.  And – here’s hoping – be transported.


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